AP2006 Side Hinged Door Operating Arm Kit

For the automation of a pair of traditional outward
opening side hinged barn type garage doors

A normal AP2006 kit suits overall opening widths up to 3mtrs
type AP2006/HD suits openings from 3.1mtrs to 3.6mtrs

For use with any electric garage door operator having
provision for safety stop logic reversal

Recommended operator: Seip TS75

The Seip TS75 operator has a very sophisticated self learning safety stop system to provide the high level of protection required on side hinged doors and also incorporates a safety stop logic reversal switch for outward opening doors to avoid the need for special modification when used on this type of door

1. Close the doors and check that the lapping edges are not jamming and that the doors are closing properly at the bottom.

2. Assemble the electric operator according to the manufacturers instructions and reverse the motor & limit switch connections so that the motor's safety reverse function operates during door closure. (when trolley is moving towards motor)
Note:-  To do this on a Seip TS75 simply set DIP switch No.6 on the P.C.B. to the “ON” position

3. Fix the door header track bracket 20mm above the bottom edge and centrally on the door frame header.

4. Install the electric operator according to the manufacturers instructions, keeping the track horizontal.

5. Lay the AP2006 door arms on the floor, swap the arms if necessary to suit door handing by reversing the 'L' arm (the hockey stick shaped bracket) thus enabling the shortest arm (with the longer sliding travel) to be attached to the door that is rebated to close first.
(as delivered, AP2006 arms are assembled for the LH leaf to close first when viewed from outside)

Arms as delivered - configured for RH leaf to close first (when viewed from inside)

Arms shown reversed for LH leaf to close first (when viewed from inside)

1.  Make a pencil mark at the top of both doors 1 mtr. from the hinged edge.
(with AP2006/HD kit fix arms to doors at 1.2mtrs)

2.  Attach the arms to the sliding trolley of the operator then fix the other ends of arms to the doors at the 1 mtr. pencil marks (using 8mm x 40mm coach-screws.     Hint :- use a strap to support one arm while attaching the other arm to the door.

3.  Lubricate all moving & sliding parts with oil. (engine oil recommended)

Engage and carefully run the electric operator and set the open & close limit stop adjustments, use the 'open' limit adjustment to set the desired stop position when fully open, the 'close' limit adjustment should be set to stop the motor when the doors have closed and extended the sprung loaded door arms.
Notes :-
1/  Check the safety-stop system and make adjustments to the trip sensitivity if required,
the motor must reverse if the doors are obstructed while closing (see step 2.)
2/  A cable operated external release device should be fitted to enable manual operation in the event of power failure if no alternative access is available.
3/  All moving parts should be lubricated annually (engine oil recommended)
4/  To prevent loss & damage from forced entry our Securi-Dor bottom locking kit model AP2007 Mk2 can be
fitted to automatically secure the doors at the bottom when closed.

Securi-Dor AP2007 automatic bottom locking upgrade kit for use with AP2006 side hinged barn door arms
AP2007 Product details                      AP2007 Mk2 Fitting Instructions

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