Securi-Dor Automatic Bottom Locking Kit AP2007
For use ONLY with side hinged door operating arm kit - AP2006


AP2006 actuator arm with Bowden cable fitted

floor striker plate & latch

1/ Install the main AP2006 Mk2 barn door arm kit according to the fitting instructions supplied
2/ Check that the doors close properly with particular attention to the bottom. (for correct floor bolt operation it is essential that the doors are not warped and that they meet at the bottom)

3/ Fit the cable stop bracket to the AP2006 actuator arm as above, then attach the inner cable to the cable lug & secure with the M5 screw & penny washer supplied.  Pass the cable through the cable stop and fit the outer cable.

4/ Fix the bottom bolt assy to the door that is rebated to close last with back plate 5mm from the door edge and 25mm up from the floor. With the doors held fully shut by the motor, position the floor striker plate as shown below, then move it forward about 5mm. (pushing doors open slightly) Secure it in this position with the three No10 screws & masonry plugs supplied.

location of bottom latch & floor striker plate

5/ Fit the other cable stop bracket to the door, pass the cable through it and attach it to the floor bolt using the cable clamp supplied. Close the doors with the motor, then adjust the cable length so that the bottom latch bolt is engaged into the floor striker plate by 10mm.
6/ Apply grease to the sliding latch & check the operation of the latch.  Make final adjustments and check that the latch engages when the doors are closed by the electric operator, and releases prior to opening.  Note: check the safety-stop system and make adjustments to the trip sensitivity, the motor must reverse if doors obstructed while closing  (see step 2 of the AP2006 fitting instructions)

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