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Seip Antriebs Technik
The Automatic Choice


electric operator to suit your every need

No Mains Power ?  -  No Problem !

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Solar TS Solar1 powered garage door operator
Solar panel size 370mm x 250mm x 18mm
No mains power required
The Seip TS Akku2 and TS Solar garage door operators bring the luxury of remote control to garages with no electricity. The TS Solar has a 12v lead-acid battery which is automatically kept charged by a solar panel to ensure the garage door can be operated by a remote control transmitter at any time - all this at zero running cost !   Battery backup will provide power for up to 10 days (approx 60 open/close cycles) even if the sun doesn't shine !

The TS Akku2 is a battery powered door operator
with a portable battery pack located on a shelf in
the garage which can be taken to an alternative
location for re-charging from mains power.

Seip TS Akku2 and TS Solar1 models have all the features of a conventional mains-powered garage door operator including a timed courtesy lamp to illuminate the garage for a few minutes, and a pulling-force of 55kgs to suit doors up to approximately 15' wide.

Maintenance-free with quick & simple Installation
Seip's unique track design with it's pre-assembled maintenance-free self adjusting chain drive makes D.I.Y. installation a joy !

  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Battery backup solution
  • Automatic force measurement to
    EN 12453 safety specification
  • EN 12445 compliant & CE-compliant
  • Soft-start and soft-stop speed control
  • Ultra quiet DC motor
  • Low power consumption
  • Quality German engineering
  • Five year manufacturers guarantee
  • Adjustable courtesy light duration
  • 2 or 4-channel keyfob style transmitter option
  • Wall mounted push button supplied
  • Emergency manual release included

Unrivalled safety for your family & pets
Seip garage door operators are well engineered German made units with many distinct advantages over the competition, the most notable being progressive acceleration and deceleration of the motor speed to provide smoother door movement with reduced stress & quieter door closure by slowing down just prior to closing and their ability to automatically learn and memorize the precise operating characteristics of your door and stop the motor immediately an obstruction is detected to provide the highest possible level of safety for your family & pets.

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The TS Akku2's wall mounted battery shelf

Note: the TS Solar has it's battery
located within the motor head

  Click image to enlarge

The TS Akku2's portable battery pack can be
taken from the battery shelf to an alternative
location for re-charging from mains power.

German Quality at your Fingertips !

A choice of keyfob style transmitter to provide
individual control of up to four motors

(doors or gates)

Seip SKRJ433 mini keyfob

'Mini' key-fob transmitter SKRJ433
The toughest & most durable keyfob transmitter available,
it can be kept on your keyring or fitted in your car to control
up to two Seip motors or
Seip remote control receivers
dimensions 41mm x 26mm x 10mm
weight: 8gms - CR1616 lithium batteries included

Price each excl. VAT
(when ordered with a Seip operator)

'Midi' key-fob transmitter SKR433-3
can provide individual control of up to four
Seip motors or
Seip remote control receivers

dimensions 69mm x 32mm x 14mm
weight 24gms - CR2032 lithium battery included

Price each excl. VAT
(when ordered with a Seip operator)

•  Replacement Seip keyfob transmitters  •

Prices & On-Line Ordering

The prices shown below do not include a keyfob,
keyfobs are charged at the discounted price of
when ordered with an operator (excl. VAT)

How to order:
Enter the keyfob quantities you require into the boxes beside the Seip operator model of your choice, then click 'Buy Now' & proceed to the checkout.


Seip TS Akku2
Battery powered door operator with a wall mounted battery shelf, two rechargeable batteries and a portable charger.  The 12v sealed lead-acid gel portable battery packs can be changed easily and weighing just 3.9kgs they can be easily carried to an alternative location for re-charging from mains power.
excl. VAT (plus your choice of keyfob from each)

Availability: to special order only - (allow 2-4 weeks delivery)

Enter your choice of
keyfob type & quantity

Midi keyfob Qty: 
Mini keyfob Qty:

Seip TS Solar1
Battery powered door operator with solar charging.
Includes solar panel & connecting cable, integral 12v sealed
& lead-acid battery
excl. VAT (plus your choice of keyfob from each)

Availability: to special order only - (allow 2-4 weeks delivery)

Enter your choice of
keyfob type & quantity

Midi keyfob Qty: 
Mini keyfob Qty:

Free Delivery to most Mainland UK* destinations
*carriage charges apply on deliveries to some remote locations
(see Courier delivery map for details)

Orders are despatched by courier.  If you are not at home to
sign for the parcel from, 8.30AM to 5.30PM please provide an alternate address on our on-line order checkout page

We do not export Seip operators overseas
Seip operators are available to UK specification only

Technical Specifications - TS Akku2 & TS Solar1

Max. Pulling Force: 55 kg
Force-Setting: automatic self learning
Motor: 12 V dc low-noise
Running Speed: 14 cm/sec.
Speed in Soft Mode: 8 cm/sec.
Internal Light: 12V dc, 15 Watts max
Adjustable Light Duration: 10 to 300 seconds
Duty Cycle: 80 %
Power Supply: battery, solar panel or 230V mains
Solar Panel: 10WP, 38 cells
(TS Solar1 only)
Accumulator: 12Vdc, 12Ah sealed lead-acid gel
Normal Running Length: 250 cm
Max. Running Length: 350 cm
(with 100cm track extension)
Overall Length: 320 cm
Motor Head: Height 80 mm
Motor Head: Length 360 mm
Motor Head: Width 260 mm
C-rail track dimensions: 75mm x 33mm
Minimum Space above the Door: 35 mm
Shipping Weight: (including packaging) 26 kg


  • Automatic internal courtesy light with adjustable time
  • Pre-movement warning light (switchable option)
  • Secure 433MHz rolling code remote control system
  • Wall mounted push button switch supplied
  • Automatic reverse if obstruction detected during closure
  • Connections for optical break-beam safety stop device
  • Emergency manual release cable supplied as standard (for use either via a locking door handle or as a pull-cord)
  • Low head-room steel 'C' rail drive track, a minimum of 35 mm above the door is all that is required
  • Door suitability: one-piece horizontally tracked doors or sectional type doors up to approx.15' wide or outward opening side hinged barn doors up to 3 Mtrs wide with optional AP2006 connecting arms

  Seip electric operators are compatible with the Home-Link in-car remote control system*
as offered by the following European car manufacturers as a factory fitted option:


Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin
Land Rover

Note: the car must have Homelink system with software rev. 6 or later - to verify, refer to Homelink Instructions

Click image to enlarge

A wall mounted pushbutton switch is included

 Seip operators are supplied with the following:

  • Comprehensive DIY manufacturer installation instructions
  • Wall mounted internal pushbutton control switch
  • Courtesy lamp bulb
  • Mounting brackets
  • Fitted 13A mains plug (for optional mains power)
  • Cable operated emergency manual release info
    (this can be connected to the door's existing locking handle
    to enable manual operation from outside)
  • Expert telephone assistance to ensure hassle-free DIY installation

Optional Accessories

Click images to enlarge

Hormann sectional door bracket

Bracket to suit Hormann sectional type doors
can be supplied as an alternative to the standard
door connecting bracket with any Seip operator
suits all Hormann sectional type up & over doors

price if ordered with a Seip operator: excl. VAT
(normal price: )
Our ref: APL0044

Click image to enlarge

Motor mounting brackets (one pair)
dimensions: 225mm x 93mm x 35mm
One pair are included with all Seip operators but extension brackets will be required if the distance from the top of your door to the ceiling is greater than 250mm (Note: if hammered out flat, these brackets can extend the original brackets by up to 275mm)
supplied with nuts, bolts & washers as illustrated

Our ref: APL0046

Click image to enlarge

Steel punched angle brackets (one pair)
dimensions: 23mm x 23mm x 760mm
supplied with nuts, bolts & washers as illustrated

Our ref: APL0047

excl. VAT


Securi-Dor automatic locking

Securi-Dor automatic security locking system
This device enables a remote controlled door opener to securely lock a garage door automatically after the door has closed using the original manual side latches.  The device fits all one-piece horizontally tracked single or double width garage doors regardless of make ... more info

Our Ref: AP2000

Discontinued, please contact us for more information.

Seip midi holder

Wall holder for oval midi keyfob
This will convert a Seip midi keyfob
into a wireless wall control switch
(keyfob can be removed easily for portable use)

Our Ref: SEIPMH03

Replacement Seip keyfob transmitters

excl. VAT

Seip wireless keypad

Wireless external digital numeric entry keypad
can be programmed with up to four separate personal security codes to provide individual control of four doors or gates
 - compatible with all current Seip door operators and Seip EKR1MCG & EKR1MCT receiver units only
Two alkaline AA batteries are included and the
unit has a battery life of approximately 5 years.
dimensions 83mm x 86mm x 29mm
Seip Ref: SKR4C433-1

excl. VAT

Domino numeric
digital entry keypad

visit the Seip website

Domino external digital numeric entry system
The DOMINO keyless digital entry system is a simple and secure way to open and close your garage door without the need for a key or remote control.
(connection is by low-voltage two core bell wire to the operator's wall control push-button terminals)
(three 'AA' batteries included)

Our Ref: GD-1

Infra-red break-beam safety detector kit
provides additional safety by stopping the motor if an invisible light beam across the doorway is broken


excl. VAT

100cm C-rail track & chain extension kit
(required for doors over 230cm high)

Our Ref: SEIP/EX

excl. VAT

   Hardware & Fixings   

Request a specification by e-mail for a Seip operator to suit your door

A Word On Price !

"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money and that is all. When you pay too little you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the actual thing that it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better."
John Ruskin (1819-1900)

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