Seip Antriebs Technik The Automatic Choice

Manufacturers Five Year Guarantee

SEIP operator models TM50, TM80, TS75, TS100, TS Solar & TS Akku
Seip receiver models EKR1MCG, EKR1MCT & Seip EKR4SP433

Covers all components including the C-rail track assembly, motor, base plate,
transformer, logic control board, radio receiver and remote control transmitters

Valid for five years from day of purchase.

An important prerequisite is the correct installation of the operator. The garage door must be properly adjusted and smooth running. The operator must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturers 'Installation & Programming Instructions' supplied.

The guarantee will be invalidated if damage is caused by improper installation, misuse or changes made to the operator (Printed Circuit Board, motor, transformer etc.) Only original Seip-parts must be used as replacements.

Light bulbs, batteries and external components attached to the operator are not covered by this guarantee. Any connected components must correspond to the technical ability of the Seip operator (see Installation handbook) and must not interfere with the logic control circuit board module.

To take advantage of this guarantee, you'll need to quote our original sales invoice number and you may be requested to return any defective parts to us to be forwarded to Seip UK Ltd for inspection.

The manufacturers warranty covers the cost of materials only and does not cover the cost of any labour or carriage costs incurred.

Note: Amourelle Products do not handle warrantee claims for Seip products supplied by other dealers.

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