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Seip Antriebs Technik
The Automatic Choice

Exploded Parts List
For Seip electric operator models - A45, A60, C75 & C100

Exploded view - Seip 'A' & 'C' series motor head unit



A45 A60 C75 C100
1 Motor PL1204 PL1204 PL1000  
2 Transformer PL2003 PL2004 PH0604 PH0604
3 Printed circuit board PE30000 PE30000 PE30005 PE30005
4 Lamp holder PH2102 PH2102 PH2102 PH2102
5 40W Light bulb PJ0530 PJ0530 PJ0530 PJ0530
6 Mains cable PJ0450 PJ0450 PJ0450 PJ0450
7 Limit switch unit PH0830 PH0830 PH0830 PH0830
8 Limit switch actuator PI1200 PI1200 PI1200 PI1200
9 Spur toothed wheel PH3200 PH3200 PH3200 PH3200
10 step wheel PI0105 PI0105 PI0105 PI0105
12 Case PH1651 PH1651 PH1651 PH1651
13 Lamp cover PI0005 PI0005 PI0005 PI0005
15 P.C.B. mounting pillar PI0310 PI0310 PI0310 PI0310
16 Cable bush PI1211 PI1211 PI1211 PI1211
17 Chain pinion PM11006 PM11006 PM11006 PM11006
18 C-rail housing PH1500 PH1500 PH1500 PH1500

Exploded view - Seip 'C' rail track assy - all models

Item Description Seip Part No. - (all models)
19 Chain PM0301
20 Chain tensioner assy. PH2200
21 Chain master link PM0310
22 Carriage block PH2600
23 Door connecting arm PH2400
24 Bowden cable PM07000
25 Guide pulley holder PM12002
26 Guide pulley PI0120
27 C-rail fixing bracket PM04003
28 Chain guide block PI0502
29 C-rail coupler piece PM1400
30 C-rail section PH3000

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